About Eureka!

Eureka! California History is hosted by Sunshine Sierra, with new episodes published every two to three weeks.

Sunshine is a native Californian who created the podcast in 2016. She’s lived in both Northern and Southern California (don’t ask her to choose) and spent a few crazy years on the East Coast, too. Having visited nearly sixty countries across six continents, Sunshine can confirm that there’s nowhere on earth like good ol’ California.

hammock parker palm springs palm tree

Sunshine doin’ what Sunshine do best: lounging on a hammock at the Parker Palm Springs.


How did Eureka! begin?

Sunshine was on a weekend road trip up Pacific Coast Highway thinking how perfect it would be to learn a little history about the places she was driving through. She was shocked to find a complete lack of podcasts detailing the fascinating history of California. And thus began Eureka!

Why ‘Eureka!’?

“Eureka!” is a Greek word used as an expression to denote excitement over a discovery or invention. If you’ve been searching for an entertaining look at California history, well, eureka! You’ve found it, cowboy!

(Bonus education fact: You’ll also find the word Eureka on California’s state seal, where it harkens back to the discovery of gold.)